Sheep's hearts cooked in red wine

This is a nice recipe for lamb's or sheep's hearts. Hearts from an adult sheep will need slightly longer cooking than lamb hearts.

To serve 4.

4 lamb or sheep hearts

100 ml table vinegar
2 sprigs fresh thyme (or 1 tsp dried)
4 garlic cloves, finely chopped
3 laurel leaves
salt and pepper

For cooking:
100 g butter
100 g smoked bacon, finely chopped
10-15 shallots, sliced
1-2 tbsp flour
400-500 ml red wine
100-200 ml water
salt and pepper

200 g whole small mushrooms, sautéed

Cut the fat off the hearts, flush them well under running cold water and cut lengthwise into four parts each. Make the marinade and marinade the heart pieces for 4-6 hours. (I found 4 hours sufficient, but 6 will give a more intense flavour).

Melt the butter in a Dutch oven or deep frying pan. Remove the hearts from the marinade and brown in the butter. Add bacon and onions. Sprinkle the sifted flour into the pan and let it soak up the butter. Add red wine and water, stir to mix well and season with salt and pepper.

Simmer until the hearts are cooked, about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Add the sautéed mushrooms and season to taste if necessary. Serve hot.

There are no suggestions as to what to serve with this, but I suggest poached potatoes and a fresh salad and a nice red wine.

I am cooking another heart dish as I type this and will post it if it turns out good.


Lord Runolfr said…
How did it turn out?
Bibliophile said…
Turned out fine. I'll post the other recipe in a few days.
teresa bowen said…
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Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
I have been cooking sheep's pig's and beef hearts for many years now. My family really enjoys them. First I cut off the fat then clean all the tubes and make sure there is no blood. I then fill the cavities with a stuffing and place in a roasting dish and cover with foil and bake for about 1 hour. I then slice the heart and put into a gravy with onions and mushrooms, carrots and diced potatoes. Let this cook for about 1/2 to 3/4 hour at 150 degrees. c. Serve with mashed potatoes and veges of your choice.
Anonymous said…
This was very tasty!!! When I started cooking the hearts I threw in some potatoes, carrots and asparagus and wow it all turned out really nice. Thank you for this!!!
Bibliophile said…
Glad you enjoyed it, Anon.

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