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Sheep's hearts in plum sauce

This is a nice dish. I imagine the sauce would be quite good with other dark, gamy meats, like wild duck,  wild goose or possibly wild boar. To serve 6: 6 lamb's or sheep's hearts 100 g flour butter for frying salt and pepper 6 well ripe plums (it doesn't say which kind, but the photo with the recipe shows red plums with yellow flesh - BTW, don't expect to see any such thing when the dish is cooked, since the luscious plum wedges shown in the image are a fiction of food photography) 1 large yellow onion, chopped 100 ml sweet white wine meat broth (e.g. lamb, chicken or vegetable) or water 2 tbsp cornstarch (or potato starch, or Maizena sauce thickener) First, here's how I had to compromise on the recipe: The week before I made it, I saw at least three varieties of plums in every food shop I entered and they always seemed to be so ripe as to be on the verge of becoming liquid inside their skins. The day I actually went to buy them all I could find were r