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Caramel cake

Click to enlarge This used to be my brother's favourite cake, but is now in second place after a confection called a Dream Cake. Here is the recipe: The way my mother makes this cake is actually a marriage of two recipes: for a sponge cake and for something called a Sunshine Cake with caramel topping. The caramel goes on top of the sponge cake instead of the Sunshine Cake. The caramel is enough for one sponge base, baked in a 24 cm flan tin, the type that has a raised centre and a deeper trench along the rim ( like this ), so that when the cake is turned out top-to-bottom there will be a raised rim along the edge. Since the two recipes weren‘t made to be used together there may be a bit of sponge batter left over when you have poured it out, depending on how deep the tin is. If you are using the recipe below and a shallow tin, I therefore recommend using small eggs and short measures of flour and sugar. (You can, of course, just use your own preferred sponge cake recipe –