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Icelandic food history

I came across an excellent potted history of Icelandic cooking , on the website of the cooking magazine Gestgjafinn and decided to post a link. It was written by Icelandic food and cookery doyenne Nanna Rögnvaldardóttir. Do read it if you are interested in the traditions and influences in Icelandic cookery.

Kútmagar - Stuffed fish stomachs

I thought it was about time to post a recipe, since I remembered a very old, traditional one I have not posted before. This is a very old Icelandic dish. Since it is made in pretty much the same way as liver sausage, except using fish products, I suppose you could call it fish-liver sausage in English.   For 1 person: 2-3 fresh cod’s stomachs 1 cod liver Rye meal Salt White pepper (optional) Water There are two basic methods of making kútmagar. In one you use rye meal and in the other you don’t.  Since I don’t expect you can buy fresh fish stomachs just anywhere and may therefore have to buy or catch whole fish and then remove the stomachs, I have included instructions on how to clean them: You take them and rub them inside and out with sand or coarse salt until you have removed the slime and anything else that may stick to them.  Both methods: Soak the liver in cold water for a while (30 minutes or so), then remove and peel off the membra