My first award

I've just won a web award, my very first:


Anonymous said…
Yea!!! Congrats on winning an award!!!
Bibliophile said…
Than you, Aimee. It feels good to know your work is appreciated.
Hi! My name is Silvia! I've discovered your cuisine blog and now I follow you! I'm going to visit Iceland this summer and I'd like to discover the best dishes in order to post it on my blog! :-)
Do you have any suggestion?
thanks a lot!
Bibliophile said…
Thanks for following my blog, Silvia.

It is highly individual what anyone considers to be the best dishes so that is a difficult question to answer. I like or love most of the dishes I have posted on this blog, but while some can be enjoyed by anyone (like poached fresh fish or pancakes), others are an acquired taste, such as whey pickled food, dried fish or fermented shark (famous for making Gordon Ramsay vomit, and even the intrepid eater Anthony Bourdain didn't like it).

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