Oven-baked fish in cream sauce

This is a nice fish dish that my mother sometimes makes. I make no claims about its traditionality.

Serves 2:

400 g fish fillets (mom uses cod or haddock, but try plaice, sole, flounder or other white fish)
1/2 tsp salt
25 g butter or margarine
50 ml cream
100 ml milk
1 tbs breadcrumbs (Paxo crumbs look nice and colourful, but home-made ones are fine)
2 tbs grated cheese (mom uses Gouda, but I imagine Cheddar or a mixture of Mozzarella and some stronger cheese would be good)

Set the oven temperature to 175°C. Butter or oil a shallow oven-proof dish. Cut the filleted and boned fish fillets into pieces and arrange in the dish. Sprinkle the salt over the fish and dot with butter.

Put the dish into the heated oven and bake the fish for 8-10 minutes.

Mix together the milk, cream and cheese and pour gently over the fish. Sprinkle the breadcrumbs evenly over the top and continue baking for 15 minutes. Serve in the dish, with potatoes or rice and a fresh salad on the side.


PA Smith said…
How do the crumbs fit in? Do you sprinkle after the milk and cheese goes in the dish?


Bibliophile said…
Oops, thanks for pointing out the omission. See the recipe for correction.

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