Holiday notice

I am off to India for the next 5 weeks. I will not be posting anything during that time. If you have any questions you need answered, go ahead and either post them in comments or send me an e-mail, but I will not be answering them until I get back.


Liisa Murphy said…
hey there,
It is December now so I hope you're back and had a wonderful time in India. I was wondering something though, and maybe you will be able to answer. I am searching for a recipie for (please exuse the bad spelling) Lisú Brúnterta, if you know it. it is impossible to get it and I loved it when I was in Iceland. Brown spicy cake with layers of butter icing.Do you know it?
Bibliophile said…
Do I know it? I do indeed.
My mother has been making this cake every year for Christmas and other occasions since I can remember. I posted the recipe in 2006 - here's the link:
Unknown said…
I am also looking for a recipe or two that my husband's mother used to make before she passed away a few years ago. I know he misses having them.

I think I found one, it was a meat roll called Rula Pulsa or yours said Rullupylsa. So we'll give that a try.

But the other is a layered cake, almost a shortbread type, with a sort of prune filling called Vena Tutta? I have not been able to find it anywhere. Would you have a recipe for this?

Thank you,
Debbie Reedy
Bibliophile said…
Debbie, the cake is called vínarterta in Icelandic, but your spelling is close to the way English speakers pronounce it. Here is the link to the modern Icelandic version:

If your mother-in-law came from Iceland, this recipe would be close to the one she used. If she was American or Canadian Icelandic, she would have used the older recipe that I have linked to in the posting.

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