Spice-pickled herring

Spice-pickled herring is used both as it is and also as an ingredient in various dishes, especially salads and Danish-style open-faced sandwiches. The taste is similar to that of pickled anchovies.

3 kg fresh herring, gutted

pickling mixture:
750 g pickling salt
150 g sugar or brown sugar
20 g allspice
15 g bay leaves
30 g pepper
5 g saltpeter

Mix together all the ingredients except the herring. Take a container, e.g. a large pickling jar, and cover the bottom with the pickling mixture. Arrange the herrings tightly in layers, head to tail and belly up, with a layer of the pickling mix in-between, ending with pickling mix. Close the container and store in a cool place for 3-4 weeks.


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