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I would like to ask any visitors to this blog to please answer the poll on the sidebar. This goes especially for regular visitors and first time visitors who plan to visit it again, but anyone can answer it. It's a multiple choice poll, so you can mark all the answers that apply to you.

If you are looking for information on how to contact me, it is a little lower down on the sidebar.


Anonymous said…
I would like to see more recipes for Icelandic pastries,Icelandic kleinur donuts,etc. Things we could make to have with coffee in the morning. There are many heavy dinner recipes in this blog,most of which I could never realistically make.Also tips on how to make quantities for one or two persons.Many of us today are single, and these recipes for four to six people don't really work out.

I check this web site about once a month.Thanks for your work. It is also nice to have a historical background as to the source of a particular pastry.For example it is interesting that some Icelandic baking features use of oranges or lemons, or almond paste,prunes, etc., which obviously were acquired in trade with other nations and woven into the heritage.
Iceland Eyes said…
Your blog is a valuable resource. My sister pointed it out to me and I've linked you on my site. About the ads, if they're classy, non-blinking, subtle and informative, I think they're ok. Good luck and I'll be back...

Ýr said…
I have just been told about your site - very interesting! Thank you for making the effort. I aim to become a regular visitor!

As for ads, fine, as long as they are neither intrusive nor smutty...

A quick question to finish with:
Would you have the English translation for 'Saltpetur' handy, please?

Regards, Mahry
Bibliophile said…

saltpétur = potassium nitrate. It us commonly called saltpeter or saltpetre in English.

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