Súkkulaði - Hot chocolate

Deliciously warming on a cold winter's day – and whe have had some chilly ones lately – this is my favourite hot drink. Preferably made with Síríus Konsum chocolate, but you can use any semi-sweet chocolate available.

250 g semi-sweet chocolate*
250 ml water
1 ltr milk
1 tsp butter
sugar and vanilla essence to taste

*I use semi-sweet chocolate, but bitter chocolate will do - just use a bit more sugar.

Break up the chocolate into pieces and put in a cooking pot with the water. Heat gently, stirring until the chocolate is melted. Add the milk in smallish portions, allowing it to boil before adding more. Add sugar and vanilla essence to taste, and melt in the butter just before serving.

-Serve in mugs with whipped cream ( and your favourite cake or cookies on the side).
-Alternatively, serve with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream floating on top.


Katherine said…
My boyfriend and I found your blog looking for whale recipes and stumbled across your hot chocolate - it is our favorite, we must have made it five or six times! Delicious, thanks for this gem.
Bibliophile said…
You're welcome. This is such a lovely, lovely drink, especially when you come inside from the cold and need something to take the chill from your bones.

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