Traditional Icelandic Christmas dishes

The Christmas meal that is traditionally served in my family.
I have received a question about traditional Icelandic Christmas dishes and as it’s a subject I’m sure many are curious about I decided to make a blog entry about it.

Traditional Icelandic Christmas food is a somewhat complicated subject, as there are several traditional Christmas dishes and there is no one Christmas dish that is served in every home. Even the leaf bread, which is uniquely Icelandic and as traditional as it gets, is not served in every home.

The most common main dishes served for Christmas in Icelandic homes are hangikjöt (smoked and salted lamb or mutton), ptarmigan (see recipe), lamb roast (see recipe for Sunday roast), roast goose, Hamborgarhryggur (smoked pork center rib roast), and American style turkey (relatively new, but has become a tradition in many families). As a starter or dessert, many serve either rice pudding (recipe will be posted soon) or ris a la mande (will also be posted soon) which is a Danish rice pudding.

If you go to the “Label” option at the bottom of this post and click “Christmas recipe” you can find some of the stuff I have already posted, mostly cookies.


Anonymous said…
Thank you. This blog gives me ideas about what I can make, but I will also ask him about what his family makes.
Thanks for your help.
Shannon said…
Hi Jo,

I can't believe I missed seeing this blog for so long! I joined your rec newsgroup a year or so ago but the blog is awesome...and now I know Skyr is in the USA, so I'm even more excited.

Happy holidays and happy cooking!

Bibliophile said…
Welcome aboard, Sharon, and Happy Holidays.

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