Icelandic Christmas cocktail - Jólabland

This mix is, as far as I know, purely an Icelandic invention. In the first half of this century not many people could afford to buy ale and fizzy drinks, and they were therefore something to be enjoyed at festive occasions, such as Christmas and birthdays. Mixing the drinks together was probably believed to make it even more enjoyable to drink. The taste is sweet, malty and mellow. This is a comforting drink that always makes me think of Christmas.

Take equal measures of an orange flavoured fizzy drink (Fanta will do) and brown ale (Guinness is supposed to be good) and mix together. Be careful to pour the orange drink first, and pour the ale carefully to avoid it getting too frothy. Drink with the Christmas meal. To get an authentic flavour, the orange drink should be the Icelandic Egils Appelsín, and the brown ale Egils Malt. Some people (like my family) like to add some cola, usually Coke.


Barbara said…
Just found your blog and I'm so happy I did! I am of Icelandic descent, my mother was born and raised there and I lived in Iceland until I was 10 years old. Since we cannot get Egils Malt or Apelsin, we use Orangina and a Mexican Malt I found in the Hispanic section of our local grocery store. Thought I would mention it in case someone else was having trouble finding ingredients outside of Iceland. It's not perfect, but it comes close and satisfies my craving for Iceland during the holidays! Thanks for all you do!

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