Icelandic flat bread – Flatbrauð

Yet another food you are likely to find on the Þorri buffet.

This traditional bread is delicious with butter and a slice of hangikjöt (smoked lamb).

500 g rye flour
1/2 tsp salt
250-300 ml boiling water

Mix the salt and the rye flour. Add some water and knead. Dough should be fairly soft. Roll out thin and use a small plate to cut even sized breads. Prick all over with a fork and bake on top of the stove at medium to high temperature. For authenticity, do not use a griddle or skillet, but put the cakes directly onto the cooking plate (this is both smelly and smoky). Cook on one side until it begins to look dry, then turn over. The bread should have some slight burn spots here and there.
Good with slices of cold meat, such as hangikjöt, ham, or lamb pâté, and delicious slathered with butter.

Someone contacted me with a couple of tips for making flat bread:
-If you make the flat bread in the traditional way, there will be smoke - so do it in a well ventilated area.
-To avoid the breads getting hard, dip them quickly in hot water when you remove them from the pan/hot plate.

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Abbie said…
Thank you for helping us answer a question about our latest Inspector Erlendur novel - we wondered what flat cakes were, and now we know! Sounds good, especially with the smoked lamb...
Icelander said…
Ever heard of dipping them into black coffee instead of plain water? Gives them a more 'rich' flavour.

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