Holiday notice

I am going on holiday on Friday and will be back on the 24th. Until then I will not able to reply to any e-mails or comments, but send them in anyway and I will look at them when I get back.


aimee said…
Have a safe and awesome time!!
Anonymous said…
I just came back from my vacation in Iceland and I already miss some of the foods! Is there a recipe for piparsosa (pepper sauce)? I can't seem to find one online and I can barely translate the ones in Icelandic.

Thank you!
Bibliophile said…
Amanda, which variety do you mean: The the brown/tan sauce that's used warm or the white pepper sauce that's used cold? I can definitely find a recipe for the first but I'm not sure about the second.
Anonymous said…
I just discovered your blog, and i am so excited! I am an American, but have Icelandic heritage. I have always wanted to learn some traditional foods, but they are extremely hard to come by where I live. i look forward to trying some of these recipes!

Bibliophile said…
Welcome, Emily. Have a good look around and I hope you find some recipes you can try.

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