Tuna spread - Túnfisksalat

This is a cheap and easy tuna spread that is good on bread and crackers, in sandwiches and sandwich cakes. For some reason, spreads like this are called “salads” in Icelandic.

1 regular can tuna, well drained. I generally use tuna in brine or water, but tuna in oil can be used as well. The medium quality supermarket brands are suitable for this spread. When draining, cut off the lid of the can completely, hold it and upend the can to let most of the juice run off, then press the lid into the can to squeeze out as much liquid as possible. If you don’t, the spread will be soggy.

3-4 tbs mayonnaise, or more if you love the taste of it. I prefer to just use it as a binding agent rather than have the other ingredients swimming in it. Some of the mayo can be replaced with sour cream for a fresher taste – especially good if you use chives instead of onion.

1 hardboiled egg, chopped. I either put it twice through an egg slicer, once lengthwise and once crosswise, or if I’m not making the spread for company I simply dump the egg into the spread and mash it in with a fork. It doesn’t look as good, but the taste is the same.

1/4 to 1/2 onion, finely chopped. Chives or shallots may be used instead.

Salt, pepper, garlic powder (or fresh, minced garlic if you have it on hand), all to taste

Mix all ingredients well together and adjust taste with salt and spices. Serve with crackers, saltines or bread. I sometimes use this as a filing for baked potatoes, but then I leave out the egg.

You can also make the spread without the egg and serve it with slices of egg on the side.

Alternative version:

Tuna, as above
Mayonnaise, as above
1/2 can of sweet corn, well drained
Salt, to taste

Mix and enjoy as above. The tuna may be replaced with finely chopped cooked chicken.


Gregory said…
This looks great! Like a tuna & egg salad sandwich blend. Yum! Will try tomorrow.

BTW, you have sweet journals in your other blog. I don't have the patience for binding...
aneuk food92 said…
I really like this food .. ilike it.. nice post..!!!
Unknown said…
When i was in Iceland i ate only tuna sandwiches... The best ever and your recipe is the closest ...thanks

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