Ris a la mande – Danish Christmas pudding

The original name is probably riz à l’amande (French for almond rice), but the Danish call it ris a la mande. Whether it is originally French or the name simply got Frenchified, I don’t know, but I do know this is a delicious pudding if correctly made. In some Icelandic households it is served instead of rice pudding (see previous recipe) at Christmas. The first time I tasted ris a la mande, I didn't like it at all. This is perhaps because it was lumpy and the cook had left out the vanilla. I have since made peace with it, and like it just as much as the traditional Icelandic rice pudding.

50 g rice (not quick-cook or instant)
600 ml milk
1/2 vanilla bean
30 g sugar
15 almonds, blanched and slivered or chopped
370 ml heavy cream, whipped
6-7 (12-14 grams) sheets gelatine

Bring the milk to the boil in a large saucepan. Add the rice and vanilla bean and cook up a rice pudding (see previous recipe for method). When the pudding is done, remove the vanilla bean. Add the sugar, almonds and gelatine (prepared as indicated on the packaging). Cool and fold in the whipped cream. Decorate with slivered almonds before serving.

Traditionally served with hot caramel sauce or cherry sauce. (I’m looking for the recipes and will add them to the recipe when I do).


Sass said…
This is similar to traditional danish ris a la mande... all but the gelatine. We've never put it in ours. The rice which is used "pearl rice" releases enough starches to thicken the dish... it becomes even thicker once cooled. No gelatine should be needed!
Anonymous said…
What about the whole almonde?!!
It is tradition to add just 1 whole almonde, and whom so ever finds it their serving, gets a prize- it's the key ingredient!!!
Bibliophile said…
Anonymous, I think you got it across very well.
Anonymous said…
How to spell it in english? is it ris a la mande like the danish, or is it the french way?
Bibliophile said…
Well, since it's a Danish dish, I would use the Danish spelling.
Joe said…
In that case, I'll leave my Lebanese pastries out of this, as they have no standardized spelling ;-)
Bruce said…
Thanks for a great christmas pudding recipe
Best Christmas pudding Recipes
Amanda said…
I have trouble judging how long to cook the rice. If I wait till it seems soft enough, it thickens up too much, but if I don't leave it long enough... it is chewy. I wish I could get it right. It is never as good as when someone else makes it.

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