Rice Pudding - Hrísgrjónagrautur

This lovely pudding is served for lunch at my parents' house almost every Saturday, and we all love it. This is a cheap, nourishing, tasty meal, which I make much too seldom in my own home.
At Christmas, we have a small serving of rice pudding before the main meal of hangikjöt. According to tradition, my mother hides a peeled almond in the pudding and we each choose one bowl. The person who finds the almond (usually my brother) gets a small gift, typically some chocolate.

1/2 litre water
200 gr. rice (do not use quick-cook or instant)
1 1/2 litre whole milk
1 tsp salt

Cook the rice in the water until it's almost completely absorbed. Add the milk and lower the heat to simmer. Continue cooking until the rice is tender (the whole process takes about an hour). Add salt and serve with cinnamon sugar.

- cook a handful of raisins with the rice for a few minutes before serving, for an authentic, old-fashioned "rúsínugrautur" (raisin pudding).

- The pudding is usually eaten with milk or "saft" - a sweet drink made with berry syrup (raspberry, red currant or crowberry tastes best). Some people serve the pudding cold with hot caramel sauce at Christmas.


Anonymous said…
Mmmmm this is delicious. I used to have this as a child but also when I was older, I made it as a bit of a Danish tradition where we cooked the rice in milk not water and added a few extra ingredients like cream, sherry and almonds... ( I guess that makes it more like ris alamande and not just rice pudding.Thanks for sharing this.Amanda
Anonymous said…
Umm i need to know how many servings this makes in particular because im doing this for a total of 18-20 people so i need the exact measure measurments.
Bibliophile said…
Anon, this recipe serves 4-6 persons, depending on the size of the servings (i.e. are you serving it as a dessert or as a main dish). I guess it would make about 5 standard servings.

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