News: Skyr goes to Europe and the USA

It seems the world is finally to taste this unique Icelandic dairy product outside Iceland.

Skyr and some other Icelandic products will soon be available from the chain store Whole Foods Market in the United States.

A Danish dairy factory has started making skyr for local distribution, and skyr will soon be available in several other European countries.

If you see skyr on sale anywhere outside Iceland, please let me know.

Edit: See Rebecca's Comment for a heads up on the Whole Foods Market situation.


Rebecca said…
It was in Morgunbláðið the other day so I asked my local Whole Foods again. (They had been saying they were going to have skyr in some Whole Foods markets but every time I asked in the shop I got looked at like I was crazy). My email reply was that the Mid-Atlantic part of the US has it, but that there wasn't enough to have in the Northeast. Or something like that. And that they were working on finding someone to make it in the States. Will keep you posted if they actually start carrying it.
Bibliophile said…
Thanks, Rebecca. I'd appreciate that.
Gudrun V. said…
well, yes, a danish Factory sells something thay call Skyr. But it's made without "leypa"....
I have asked them why, and the manager was very surpriced, but haven't returned with an answere yet.
Bibliophile said…
Mengloed, I have been told that the Danish skyr tastes a bit different from Icelendic skyr too, since they are trying to adapt it to Danish tastebuds. I'll have to see if it's true then next time I go to Denmark.
Unknown said…

Hey! I just wanted you to know that I featured your recipe on my blog!

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