Update on the photos, and changelog

I have finally found some time to start updating the blog.

How? I decided to institute one social media lite day per week. This means I take at most five minutes twice on that day to check my social media, to see if I have any messages that need answering, and strictly no browsing. It‘s amazing how much time I suddenly have to do other things.

What I am doing is saving the photos I use on the blog to Google Photos, so they will be visible again. It‘s going to be a slow process, as I never got round to saving all my food photos in one folder, so I have to go through my considerable collection of photographs to find them.

I am also planning to check all the links and update or remove the ones that are outdated or dead and to go over the text of all the recipes to fix the formatting, update them and alter as necessary and correct any errors I might find. 

I may also add some photos to recipes that don‘t have any.

Don‘t worry, I am not going to add four pages of chatter to each entry to make the blog more searchable (according to Google) – the formula will still just be a short intro and maybe a couple of paragraphs about what the recipe means to me, followed by the recipe or recipes. I plan to start from the beginning and work my way through the blog, but I will occasionally jump ahead and update the seasonally appropriate recipes. This is likely to take months, possible more than a year. I may keep those posts that require the most work until later.

I will keep updating this post with a list of posts I have updated. If you have any comments on the updates, please post them here, and not below the updated posts.

Posts updated:
Kjötsúpa (fixes: minor fiddling with the text, some format changes, removed one photo and moved the other)
Vínarterta (fixes: format changes, wording)
Icelandic recipe links (in English) (removed the post)
Rhubarb jam  (fixed the formatting, added a link)
How to prepare hákarl (I will have to do this one later - I can't find the original photos)
Harðfiskur (added photos, fiddled with the formatting)
Hangikjöt (added a photo, some minor format changes)
Icelandic rye bread (added a photo and a link
Sheep's head cheese (added photos and a link, minor changes to the text)
Brauðterta: Salmon and egg (changed and added links, considerable changes to the intro text; still needs photos)
Brauðterta: Shrimp (added a photo)


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