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Icelandic hot dogs

I recently got this request (through my book blog):

“I read the recipes from Iceland. I was wondering if you have recipes for the hot dog toppings for a hot dog with the works? We visited there last June and loved them, but couldn't figure out how to make them ourselves!?”

A hot dog with the works includes ketchup, remoulade, French fried onions and mustard, sometimes also raw onions.

Here is part of an essay I wrote about hot dogs:

The basics of an Icelandic hot dog:

Icelandic hot dog sausages are made from a mixture of pork, lamb and beef. The fat content is quite high, as you can see if you grill or fry one. They are flavourful and I like them better than any other hot dog sausages. Having run an Icelandic food website in English for several years, I can attest that they are the subject I get the biggest number of e-mails about from abroad, all of them positive, and most of them asking where they can order some.

The bun is a regular hot dog bun: sweet, soft, light and whi…