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Icelandic Christmas recipes

Since the holiday season in upon us I decided to gather together all the Christmas recipes I have published on this blog. I chose to do it this way rather than repost them because the comments get lost when reposting. I plan to make this an annual post, with new recipes added as they come along, so if you have comments, please comment on the recipes themselves, unless you don't mind if your comments go missing every time I repost this list. So here they are, starting with the Christmas dinner dishes: Starters or desserts: Rice pudding Ris a la mande Vanilla ice cream Main dishes: Hangikjöt (smoked lamb) Pork rib roast Roast lamb Rock ptarmigan Side dishes and accompaniments: Leaf bread Christmas cocktail Pickled red cabbage Caramel potatoes Cakes and cookies: Gingerbread sandwich cookies   Sarah Bernhardt cookies Jewish cookies Half-moons Coconut wreaths Siggi's cookies Syrup cookies Air cookies Spice cake with buttercream Christmas cake