To Rosemary

My reply to your e-mail bounced, so I'm posting my reply here in the hope that you will visit the blog again and see it:

Hello Rosemary,

I hear from time to time from people who have been stationed in Keflavik or who have accompanied their spouses there, and it's always interesting to see what foods they miss (usually the fish and the hot dogs, but also miscellaneous other stuff).

As it happens, both Gunnars mayonnaise and smoked lamb can be ordered on-line through the website The following links will take you to the right pages: for mayonnaise:
and for smoked lamb:

However, you should check if there are any import restrictions either product before you order.

Best regards and I hope you get the chance to visit Iceland again.
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with and do not get paid for mentioning them here. I have never used them myself and don't know what kind of service they give, but I have never heard anything bad about them.


Joe said…
My experience is that anything in a sealed package or container can be sent by post, carried, or in luggage into the US from the Schengen zone.

In fact, the first place I was ever inspired to transport delicacies in transit was at the airport in Keflavik.

I also made sure I had some of that good dense skyr before leaving the country. In the US I have only found it available in the form of a thick beverage. In this way you don't really taste it as strongly.

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